Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Our Big Trip

On Wednesday  last period we were talking about what we were going to bring. I said some borek and brownies. On Thursday we came to school and we filed up 90 water balloons. We got in the school bus and went bowling for 2 games. When we were done with bowling we went to the seaside and then ate all the things that everyone brought. Then we went and filled our water guns from the fawcets. We went back to the sea side and ate some more food. Then started the balloon game you get into partners then you start tossing the balloons around and every time you throw a  balloon  you take a step back then till your balloon pops.Then we made a water fight we were all soaking wet. After water fight ended, we had still 60 balloons left so we divided into two groups and each got 30 groups and threw ballons on each other. At last the people had a balloon popped in on my head it was fun but  a little cold.

check out a Picassa video that Miss Jennifer made of the trip!

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