Friday, October 31, 2014


Today was Halloween. All of my classmates and I dressed up in costumes. I was Alice from Alice In Wonderland.  Everyone was something different. For example Tamara was a Minion, Jane was a penguin and Lucia was a fire queen. I loved going around the school seeing everyone's costumes. We also got a big surprise because the Int 6th and 7th graders hid in our classroom and when we walked in they jumped up and scared us. We decided to get revenge, so we hid in their classroom and scared them. We are about to have a Halloween party with the entire school.    

From: Saffron

Look at all those costumes! From L-R we have: Scary Seaweed Phillip, Zombie Monster Abdul Moamen, Penguin Jane, Yeji, Demon lady Lucia, Minion Tamara, Saffron in Wonderland, Vampire Diva Polina, Pretty Kitty Bushra!
Skelton Cookies made by Jane
Beautiful Crocheted Pumpkins by Lucia! 


  1. Uauuuuuuhhh what chilling costumes!!!!!!

    My favorite devil.

  2. Saffron thats a really nice costume,and the whole class too.


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