Monday, June 15, 2015

End Of School

This week is the last week in school. It is going to be summer but the bad thing is you are going to miss your friends. I am going to swim alot in my compound. I am going to a turkish school too. Did you know I have to sleep there for the weekdays and come to my mom in the weekend.


Field Trip

Today our class went to field trip to museam. There was a lot of pictures. Pictures were all about Peru. Their clothes were a lot different with our clothes. They had clothes that were really big. Do you know? Our class also has a field trip for tomorrow! I like field trips because  we don't  have to work.

from: Jane

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


I like  the school more than staying at home because at home, there is noting to do. But at the school, there is many thing to do! Like math, gym,art and others. Also there is a friend and kind teachers that teaches our class! I like this school!


Thursday, June 4, 2015


Hi Everyone!
Yesterday, I came to school in 1 o'clock so did not have a gym class that day. I was so sad because of that. Next time, I will never be late for gym class!

From: Phillip

Super Hero Day

Hi everyone,
Today I din't want to blog so I'm just blogging so I get rite of things. So, today it was Super Hero Day and I dressed up Cat-women. I was the only one in class that was dressed up like a Super Hero, well Ms.Jennifer had a Spider-man T-shirt.
From: Lucia

Keystone teachers have some secret identities! Did you know there is a Ninja Turtle (Miss Melissa); Lady Thor (Miss Nora); Reggae Man (Mr. Bahadir) and Spiderwoman (Miss Jennifer) at Keystone? What are their super powers I wonder?

Super Hero day

Today is super hero day and it was fun but there is just one student and its Lucia. She was the girl  in Batman and the rest of my class didn't wear. I was going to wear but then I changed my mind.

From Roua

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Dirty My Shoes

In gym class, we played bottle game. In bottle game, I was running and I just step on the mud. I washed my shoes in 1 week ago, but again my shoes got dirty. Also, the mud came to my leg. I have to clean it!

From: Yeji

Monday, June 1, 2015

Sick Day

Today almost half of the class didn't come. 5 of the student didn't come 5 of the student came and Philip came in afternoon. Except for Philip, the class didn't come because they were sick (I guess so). Also, Mr. Happy didn't come so I didn't take my math exam. Sorry for Mr. Happy but I am glad that there was no exam in math class.

-from Jane

Thursday, May 28, 2015

I Will Write A Long Blog To Not Do Work

Hi! again Im Roua today I will blog about nothing because and also I'm writing really slowly so to not do work such as vocabulary and language arts. I don't like to do work as you know!!!!!!1!!!!1!!!!11111!

From Roua  

The End of the Year Show

Hi everyone,
Today is the "End of the Year" show. We are doing a Turkish dance and we are doing bodies figures in gym. Our Turkish dance is not really good because we hadn't have dance for a long time. While some people are doing something, other people are doing different things.
From: Lucia

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Filming In Math Class!!

Hi there again!

Today math class was one of our very unique math class. We were filming a video for our sister school in Pennsylvania. We made them a survey which was about technology. Then know we are going to do a video about the survey. The video is going to be just a regular video but at the end we are going to show bloopers. I cant wait until we finish our video. So today we spent our whole math class trying to finish it but unfortunately  we did not. Actually I called this unique math class because I dont know what does this got to do with math!


Tomorrow is the End of the Year Show!

Tomorrow is the End of the Year show. In this morning, I thought we will gonna do something special for tomorrow but, we didn't do anything. We practised something but not that much. In Korea, if there is a show, we are just practise for show.

From: Yeji